Access Management



Studies have shown using QWICK Kurb Channelizing Systems at grade crossings can decrease gate rushes by 70%*. Use of a median separator such as a QWICK KURB System is an approved recommendation by the FRA to create community Quiet Zones.

According to the Federal Railroad Association, studies conducted at locations where traffic channelizing devices have been installed show positive changes in unsafe driver behavior as a result of the treatments. When meeting certain requirements, traffic channelization devices and median barriers are an approved supplemental safety measure for the establishment of quiet zones. Traffic channelization devices are low cost and this makes them an attractive option for improving safety at highway-rail grade crossings.

Because the QWICK KURB continuous raised curb system is designed with high visibility in mind, a motorist has more decision time to navigate away from restricted access areas.


Used Extensively in the Harshest Environments

QWICK KURB Continuous Curbing with Panels or Bollards and have been tested for over 20 years in all weather conditions. Panels can accept up to 224 square inches of reflective sheeting per side to achieve the highest level of night visibility. In addition, the unique two-part vertical, with rebounding boot support, allows markers to remain upright in the most demanding environments. 


Installation Can Be Permanent or Temporary

Because the QWICK KURB System connects laterally as portable concrete barrier does, the system can be installed anchored, semi-anchored, or even anchor-free for some work zone applications. 

In addition, the two-tier profile is designed to help keep curbing stationary during run overs. QWICK KURB Continuous Curbing is only 10 5/8” wide so it easily fits within double yellow lines.


A Cost-Effective Traffic Calming Measure

Installing traditional concrete curbs and medians can take months or years of planning before a horizontal deflection traffic calming plan can be implemented.  Using the QWICK KURB Continuous Curbing System is a faster and safer way to realign traffic patterns in designated areas.  The system is also is to move fom location to location once motorist behavior has changed. 


Restricted access areas, where the QWICK KURB System is installed, encourages motorists to slow down, understand and predict what is happening around them. 


A continuous curbing system is a cost effective traffic calming measure to restrict access to designated areas >>> The QWICK KURB System is the most durable continuous curbing system available.


Interlocking Continuous Curb

Just like anchoring barrier wall, a secure connection between curbs is essential. Molding a heavy duty hook into the Continuous Longitudinal Channelizer strengthens the connection. 


3.5 Inches High, No Vaulting

The unique two tier design of the QWICK KURB System allows the channelizing curb to be as tall as possible without vehicle vaulting.

On the bottom of each curb are molded rubber feet to raise the curb above the road surface to facilitate water run-off.

The Strongest Bond

The combination of a smart two-tier design that can exert downward pressure during a run over, a lateral connection similar to portable concrete barrier and anchors secure the QWICK KURB System to the roadway.


Reboundable Boot

QWICK KURB Panels connect to the Curb base using the unique QWICK KURB two-part vertical rebounding flex boot support. This allows for installation of extra-tall 42 inch markers that can spring back to an upright position after an impact. 

Popular Applications